BESA Accreditation

Intelligent Air Conditioning Ltd has once again been awarded BESA accreditation. The Building Engineering Services Association is the UK’s leading trade organisation for building engineering services contractors.

As a member of BESA Intelligent AC is fully searchable on the BESA website at

Having BESA membership means that our clients can be 100% confidant that they are employing a company that works to and maintains the highest standards, providing reassurance that their project has been placed in safe hands.

THE BESA GUARANTEE  besa-compliant

“By using a BESA member, you can be sure that your building engineering services contractor meets the required standard in all of the following ways:


  • Members of the BESA are subject to regular third-party inspection and assessment of their technical competence and commercial capability.           
  • The commercial and financial standing of all BESA members is independently evaluated.
  • BESA members are able to demonstrate that they operate according to fair and reasonable commercial standards.
  • Members of the BESA are required to perform according to criteria established by a range of industry-recognised specifications and good practice guides.
  • BESA members must adhere to robust health and safety policies and procedures, and must promote a positive safety culture throughout their organisation.
  • Members of the BESA comply fully with the mandatory health and safety requirements contained in the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations.         
  • There is a requirement on BESA members to prove that they have controls in place to ensure that their work complies with all aspects of the Building Regulations.
  • BESA members must have in place adequate employers’ and public liability and professional indemnity cover.
  • Awareness of environmental issues and an ability to manage elements such as waste, pollution, recycling and materials procurement is a requirement on all BESA members.
  • All BESA members have in place adequate policies in relation to personnel recruitment, selection, education and training.”besa-cert


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