Maintenance & Servicing Case Studies

Hotel du Vin Newcastle

Newcastle, NE1 2BE

Stratton House

London, W1J 8LA

Client: Malmaison Group

Date: May 2014 – Present

Location: Hotel du Vin Newcastle, Allan House, City Road, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 2BE

Project details: We were awarded the maintenance contract for Hotel du Vin Newcastle in May 2014. Intelligent Air Conditioning Ltd were not the cheapest of companies tendering for the maintenance, however in our initial discussions with the hotel management team we explained that our approach to the maintenance would be based around a preventative model, as opposed to a reactive model. While on site maintaining equipment we would spend significantly more time looking at the operation of the systems and carrying out a thorough maintenance with a view to preventing breakdowns occurring in the fist place. As a direct result of this approach we were able to reduce the hotels overall maintenance bills due to preventable breakdowns.

On the first maintenance visit refrigerant charge was recovered and each systems was pressure tested. A thorough clean was carried out on the outdoor units, indoor units and bulkheads. Each VRV system was checked at individual component level. We actively check the operation of each and every sensor, solenoid valve, 4 way valve, fan motor, compressor, expansion valve and oil separator. A significant number of indoor unit expansion valves were found to be passing by and a number of coil sensors were found to be reading incorrect temperature. If left unchecked this would have undoubtedly resulted in compressor breakdown. Although our initial maintenance costs were higher compared to other service providers, our pay back was within one compressor replacement cost.

We continue to provide a preventative maintenance care for the customer in question.

Client: Servest Building Services

Date: May 2012 – Present

Location: Stratton House, 1 Stratton Street, London W1J 8LA

Project details: We are contracted to provide maintenance and a troubleshooting service on the iManager system installed.

At regular twice yearly intervals we visit site to clean the installed iManager PC, backup historical iManager data, carry out maintenance on the database, check the UPS battery, update anti virus software and update any iManager system software. We also take the time to deal with any control issues related to the iManager system.