intelligent Touch Manager





DBACS Upgrades – The iTouch Manager (iTM) is the latest controls system to update the ageing DOS and Windows based DBACS systems. With careful planning we can prepare the site iTM configurations, graphical layouts and hardware off site and in advance of the commissioning site visit. Within a matter of hours we can upgrade the old system to the iTM, avoiding costly delays and inconvenience to the end user.

Control Panels – We can build bespoke control panels to house the iTM hardware with all necessary wiring, fuses and terminal connections to meet the customers requirements.Daikin-Stock-Image-iTouch-Manager-Adaptor

Commissioning  When we commission an iTM we first look at the VRV system as part of an overall strategy. We program the VRV systems with the correct field settings in order to achieve the formulated control strategy. We can then create the iTM configuration to manage to the control strategy. We program and set-up frost protection, auto changeover groups, timer schedules and graphical layouts in line with the customers requirements and ease of use for the end user and service/maintenance companies alike.

Power Proportion Distribution (PPD) – We can build and install kWh meter panels to exclusively measure the energy consumption of the VRV systems. We can set-up and commission PPD software accurately and provide detailed system drawings. We can help with downloading of energy data and advise on how to reduce overall energy consumption on a given site.

Web Access and Email Error Messaging – We can set-up the iTM to operate within the customers Local Area Network (LAN) to allow remote web access and control of the VRV systems. We can set-up email messaging on the iTM to notify facility managers and service/maintenance companies immediately when a fault occurs on a VRV system.