Site Surveys

A complete health check

A health check is only as good as the engineers experience and knowledge on the systems being surveyed. When carrying out a health check on a Daikin system, we look beyond the obvious “does it heat or cool” checks. We begin with the basics in order to eliminate the following:

  • Has the equipment been selected correctly?
  • Has the equipment been applied correctly?
  • Has the equipment been installed correctly?
  • Has the equipment been maintained correctly?
  • Has a control strategy been set up for the system?
  • Has the equipment been commissioned in line with the control strategy?

Once we have established the above, we look at the system in detail and at component level. We have at our disposal up-to date Service Checker hardware and software that allows us to test out our theory. We have a unique viewpoint of knowing the product history allowing us to countermeasure known issues. We endeavour to prepare detailed reports in plain English that allows layman to understand complex technical issues. Our reports will summarise in conclusions and provide clear recommendations to resolve the issues at hand.